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BIH236 – Business promotion as an opportunity in municipality of Dobretići

The German non-governmental organization Help on October 1, 2020. started with the implementation of the project “Business promotion as an opportunity” in the Municipality of Dobretići. The project is funded by the Deichmann Foundation and co-financed by the Municipality of Dobretići.
The project will last 6 months and support a total of 15 beneficiaries in the Municipality of Dobretići. Potential beneficiaries are all unemployed persons from socially vulnerable categories of the population with healthy business ideas for starting or developing independent business activities in the sectors of agriculture, crafts, services and tourism. The project can support all activities that result in an appropriate monthly income, depending on the available financial resources and the market potential of each individual proposal.
The approved assistance will be distributed exclusively in the form of material and technical resources needed for the activity, without cash payments.
The average amount of an individual donation is determined in the equivalent of 2,000 EUR. Each beneficiary will be obliged to pay 15% of the total amount of the donation, to register their activity (minimum agricultural holding) and to perform 10 hours of socially useful work for the local community.

The deadline for sending of applications to Help’s address is 30.11.2020.
All interested can get detailed information about the project and application forms at one of the presentations that will be held in the following terms:

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