Help is a German non-governmental organization, established in 1981 in Bonn. Over the last 30 years Help has grown into a truly global organisation, with offices and projects in numerous countries around the world. Help’s mission has always been to provide emergency aid and development assistance to the communities stricken with catastrophes, war or poverty, through a system which will encourage participation and engage the people to help themselves, therefore fostering self- reliance and long-term sustainability.

Help in Bosnia

Help first set foot in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1995, while the hostilities were still ongoing. Thus the first projects were focused on the distribution of food and basic supplies as well as medical/nursing care for elderly, children and disabled. From 1996 on, Help focused on the landmines clearance, capacity development and reconstruction of housing and infrastructure as these were identified as top priorities. Over the last 25 years we have reconstructed more than 4500 individual returnee houses, numerous tenements, schools and other facilities throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. Help has been instrumental in establishing the demining and EOD capacity of the BiH Civil Protection and has carried out a number of independent demining projects and mine awareness campaigns.

Help today

The situation in BiH has been significantly improved over the last decade but there are still a number of issues that need to be addressed, especially in terms of socio-economic development, reconstruction and integration of returnees. Help will continue to work in BiH and cooperate with both local and international partners in order to deliver effective, meaningful assistance that will contribute to the overall development of BiH and the wellbeing of its people.

Help in the Balkans

Help BiH works in close cooperation with Help’s offices in Serbia (, North Macedonia, Kosovo ( Albania ( and in Montenegro ( Through this regional network, we share expertise and methodology and seek for synergies in order to design and manage Help’s projects in the Balkans in the most efficient way possible.

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Almin Adžović, Country Director
Started professional carrier since 1996 as an interpreter to OSCE on first BiH elections held after the war. Through professional carrier been engaged with UNIPTF, OSCE, EU, CoE and Coca – Cola. Posses degree in Economics. Works with Help since 2007. In my free time, I like to DJ.As Country Director, I am responsible for the overall leadership, strategic management and continued development of Help’s project activities in BiH, as well as liaison with national and local authorities, UN agencies, local partner organizations and local communities.

Darijan Bilić, Program Menager
Over 15 years of experience in conceiving and implementing various projects in the areas of: poverty reduction, economic development, social activism, tourism, disaster relief and reconstruction, entrepreneurship, working with migrants and other marginalized groups, youth work, women's empowerment, ecology, IT, waste management, circular economy, energy transition, and sustainable economy.

Nudžejma Čikić -Bektaš, Finance Manager
Over six years of experience in budgeting, controlling, booking, and preparing reports for donors.

Dajra Čano, Senior Grant Officer
In Help in the position of Grant officer since 2019. Over 20 years of experience in developing, coordinating, and managing projects and programs. Proficient in designing and conducting training and workshops. Successful in forging and maintaining partnerships, networking, and maintaining excellent rapport with clients, institutions, donors. experience gained in the public and real and NGO sector in international organizations.

Vildana Džekman, PR and Grant Officer
Over 10 years of experience working in the field of gender equality and women's human rights. Active in research projects, which also resulted in the first published activist collection titled "Journey Through Activism"

Mahir Hujić, Project Officer/Intervention Manager
15 years’ experience as a Project Manager with a proven track record in project management and work in the NGO sector.

Elvedin Ališehović – Dino, Administrator
Employed at Help Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe Bosnia and Herzegovina since 01/01/2016, serving as an Administrator.

Naida Bićo, Finance assistant
Finance assistant at Help Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe Bosnia and Herzegovina.