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Autumn is already in full swing, the mornings are foggy and cold, and the days, like any other. On this day, October 23, 2023, in Zavidovići, the forces of nature also contributed to a positive story, so the day was wonderful, sunny, fairytale-like.

This story is about people, clients of the support that the Help-Hilfe zur Selbshilfe organization provided in cooperation with the City of Zavidovici through projects implemented in 2022 and 2023.

These people are all small craftsmen but great visionaries. Some of them were forced by life situations to do what they do, some by love for a certain job, and all of them, of course, by the need to provide themselves and their families with a decent life.

The certain thing is that these are the people who are individually worthy of the support they received. They are the ones who did not wait for an opportunity to happen in order to achieve something in life, but created opportunities themselves with all the risks that such decisions carry. They didn’t sit at the employment office and blame the whole world for not having a job. We know it’s the only way to succeed. They registered their small businesses and started with the hope of success and with their sleeves rolled up high.

Through the above-mentioned projects, they were supported by purchasing certain equipment, machines or tools necessary for the business to survive and develop.

That’s why they unconditionally responded to Help’s call to give something of themselves and give it back to their city with some lasting benefit.

Today, around 30 of them, with their labor and resources, have turned a potential wild dump located at the very entrance to the city into a beautiful flower oasis. A wooden bench and a trash can were also installed, all handmade by the excellent Zavidovic carpenters Zikret, Enes and Saudin. In addition, they collected more than 250 kg of potatoes and the same amount of onions for the public kitchen “Merhamet” Zavidovici.

Knowing how agriculture failed this year and how scarce and expensive these two foods are, “a little has become a lot”. For Merhamet beneficiaries, this will mean safe meals in the coming days.

City authorities, take care of people like this!

On this occasion, we would like to thank the employees of public communal organisation “Radnik d.o.o.” who supported this action by previously cleaning the field of illegally dumped waste and wild vegetation.