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Sustainable job creation through targeted support in agricultural sector in East Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Duration: 01.05.2016 – 31.12.2017
  • Donor: Vlada Savezne Republike Njemačke
  • Budget: 407.065,75 EUR
  • Region: Foča u FBiH, Kiseljak, Kladanj, Trebinje, Vlasenica

Co-finances: Project Municipalities


Short description of the project:

The project proposes viable solution in tackling migration and poverty in rural areas of eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina which is marked as the area with the highest number of internal and external migrants. The main activity will define strategic agricultural sectors in each project area with the best potential for sustainable development, involve local stakeholders into creation of value chain to support the sustainability of project beneficiaries and facilitate market reach by linking with associations/companies which can provide market synergy to the project. The proposed action consists of:

  • Relying on the development strategies of each target area and in a close cooperation with the local stakeholders, Help will define agricultural sectors for the action with the best return on investment (ROI) ratio for the clients,
  • Application of already proven Income Grants schemes for micro and small businesses targeting unemployed, young, disabled socially vulnerable persons,
  • In close cooperation with the local stakeholders and clients, Help will define associations or companies which can provide market synergy to small agricultural producers and support them in creation of better service to the clients (increase of storage units, equipment modernization, acquiring EU or other relevant standards, etc.),
  • Provision of possibility to acquire EU or other relevant standards in agricultural production for clients,
  • Networking activities, business and vocational education.


The proposed action will support total of 75 micro and small businesses creation or further development (25 per target municipality). Having in mind those are agricultural businesses, which are in their core family businesses, the action will support approximately 75 families or 300 persons directly. Indirectly, the action will influence economy cycle in the area having impact on the whole region (provision of inputs for the supported businesses and final product placement on the local/regional market). Each of 75 successful applicants will be awarded with grant value 1.500 EUR. Three associations will be assisted with grant amount of 3.000 EUR which will provide them with possibility to become active partners in reaching market for the supported clients. 15 clients will be supported in acquiring EU or other relevant standards in agricultural production.