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Poverty reduction through the support to the local economic development

  • Duration: 01.04.2009 – 31.03.2010
  • Donor: Ministarstvo vanjskih poslova SR Njemačke, kroz Pakt stabilinosti jugoistočne Europe
  • Budget: €244.512,15
  • Region: Istočna i Centralna Bosna i Hercegovina

Co-funded by:
Municipality of Konjic (€ 11.430,00)
Municipality of Kiseljak (€ 8.570,00)
Municipality of Rogatica (€ 11.430,00)
Municipality of Novo Gorazde (€ 4.285,00)
Municipality of Cajnice (€ 4.285,00)
Financial contribution by each beneficiary (15% of the grant value)


Project BOS 193 in brief:
The project is focused on the job creation and the economic support to the local development in Eastern and Central Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In line with Help-Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe  (assistance towards self-help) approach, this project is aiming to support entrepreneurial efforts and foster self-reliance through provision of in-kind grants (consisting of equipment and materials), training and support to socially vulnerable individuals with healthy business ideas.
The project target beneficiaries from the socially vulnerable population but will not discriminate between local population and returnees as the goal is to offer an equal, merit-based opportunity to all eligible applicants. Key selection criteria, next to vulnerability, will be the viability of the business idea combined with the applicant’s qualifications and attitude as these are the factors that will “make or break” the new enterprise.
The project represents action in direct support of top priority issues in the local development strategies, facilitates the process of sustainable development as a whole and offers valuable synergies with other regional and local initiatives.
Each successful applicant will receive in-kind grant in average amount per beneficiary: EUR 1,500

Project objectives:
Establishment of 140 sustainable small businesses, through in-kind grant support, training and vocational education and Creation of at least one job per business stimulating further growth and employment.