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In the past seven months, Help was able to support residents of collective center building in Maglaj. Being able to help such a vulnerable people who lost everything they had in their lives in just two days, made us very pleased.

After intervention phase during the flood, together with volunteers, Help supported these people with food rations and basic supplies needed at that moment. With support of good people, stoves, furniture and basic domestic appliances were acquired. In cooperation with Municipality of Maglaj, common premises and toilettes were renovated, so the basic conditions for return were met.

However, the greatest pleasure for us was delivery of 8 orthopedic beds for persons who needed them the most. Among them, five persons are age 11 to 19. During our after delivery visits, it felt good seeing how lives of these families changed in positive way and how much this meant in psychological and motivational way.

Help continues its mission of support to vulnerable population. New project aiming to support persons whose affected micro businesses were the only source of income was announced mid of December. Project starts in January and will be implemented in Maglaj and Doboj municipalities.

Help staff wants to thank everyone who assisted in any way in the collection and /or distribution of help in affected areas. We wish all the best for the upcoming holidays to all our friends, clients, partners and acquaintances.